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[1Comme nous le rappelle la définition francophone de route de Wikipedia.



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<   Monday 8 October 2007   >

Last sunday, the senegalese national phone numbering plan has migrated from 7 to 9 digits. This results from the ambitious national regulator’s (ARTP) program.

With 11 millions inhabitants, Senegal shows clearly its will to boost its economic (and demographic?) growth. Enough is to say that 3.5 millions mobile phone subscribers and the arrival of a 3rd phone operator on the market made available numbers a scarce ressource.

Practicaly, if you want to phone or sms me, just add 77 before my mobile phone number and 33 before my land line number.

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> New national numbering plan in Senegal

Hehe, seems like an IPv4 to IPv6 migration for the senegal phone system ;-)
Hopefully a smooth migration

8 October 2007, 21:48, Jeroen Valcke, Répondre à ce message

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