Xalaat signifie pensée en wolof, la langue principale du Sénégal [1]. Xalaat means thought in wolof, the main language of Senegal [2]

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[1Hormis le français, qui est la langue officielle, on y parle environ 35 langues différentes. Les plus répandues sont le wolof, le peul, le sérère, le diola, le bambara et le soninké.

[2Without french, the official language, there are about 35 different spoken languages, the most common are : wolof, peul, serere, diola and the bambara.


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<   Tuesday 23 October 2007   >

Having trouble with a 24 hours per day schedule? You might want to consider a 28 hours a day, with 20 (or 19) hours awake and 8 (or 9) hours asleep. It just fits perfectly on a week! The only difference is that you have only 6 days a week, well if a day means being awake, then being asleep. Works great for people wanting to go out all night during week-ends!

And then, why not consider a 42 hours a day? Yes, the answer to life the Universe and everything! You could have 30 hours awake and then 12 hours asleep. This means only 4 days a week but could make a difference in case of sharp project deadlines to meet!

Kind of funny to think of such work schedules...

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