Xalaat signifie pensée en wolof, la langue principale du Sénégal [1]. Xalaat means thought in wolof, the main language of Senegal [2]

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[1Hormis le français, qui est la langue officielle, on y parle environ 35 langues différentes. Les plus répandues sont le wolof, le peul, le sérère, le diola, le bambara et le soninké.

[2Without french, the official language, there are about 35 different spoken languages, the most common are : wolof, peul, serere, diola and the bambara.


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<   Monday 1 October 2007   >

Procrastination is the habit of putting off work or tasks to be done at a later time. Who’s never done it?

I’ve found an article discussing the topic in very simple terms. Quite interesting to read it contains a few easy tips to apply. It’s funny to note it’s written by an Indian, which seems to mean it’s a multicultural habit.

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