Xalaat signifie pensée en wolof, la langue principale du Sénégal [1]. Xalaat means thought in wolof, the main language of Senegal [2]

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[1Hormis le français, qui est la langue officielle, on y parle environ 35 langues différentes. Les plus répandues sont le wolof, le peul, le sérère, le diola, le bambara et le soninké.

[2Without french, the official language, there are about 35 different spoken languages, the most common are : wolof, peul, serere, diola and the bambara.


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<   Tuesday 3 May 2005   >

"Videogames do not influence kids. I mean, if Pac-Man influenced our
generation, we were all jumping in dark rooms, chomping pills and
listening to electronic repeating music."


This quote is sometimes attributed to Kristian Wilson, from Nintendo, but maybe shouldn’t, here are a few reasons. Nevertheless, still funny.

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